Our findings from current students are as follows.

  • Many of the students and community who attend reported that they attended the classes and sing along because of the social aspect of the groups in tuition and sing-along . Many have made friends at their classes and maintain these relationships by having meals out and attending music events throughout the area as a group. They also reported that this socialization was beneficial to their mental health and gave them a reason to get out of the house.
  • One member reported that other than coming to his keyboard class he rarely went out and met new people. He looked forward to his lesson and has made some new friends, this has had a knock on effect and he now socialises more often.
  • Another member of the focus group reported that she now uses her keyboard playing skills to provide entertainment in old people’s homes. The skills she has learnt have given her the self confidence to perform and a sense of personal achievement. She has also gained a keyboard Qualification through the Rock School examinations that we supplement.

Student Evaluation Form Results can be viewed below.

December 2015 – student_questionnaire_december_13_2015_ct (2)