23rd March 2020

Dear Members,

Covid-19 update for BMS Members

Further to the escalation of the Covid-19 virus and following the government’s advice, we will be closing the school from today, the 23rd March 2020, initially for one month. We will keep you advised of any ongoing changes.

We are however, hoping that we can accommodate most of our students, via an on-line link i.e. Skype or email. Our tutors will be contacting you directly, to see if you are interested in this facility.

For those not wishing to participate in the programme, we will endeavour to make up lesson time, once the virus has cleared.

As you are aware, we are a small charity run school and we are hoping that the majority of our students will support us, during these challenging times.

Thank you for support and stay safe.

Yours truly,

Mr John Shaw