Roland Aerophone


(to help those with Asthma)

Blackpool Music School has been awarded funding to help people with asthma.

We are looking for 4 adults and 4 younger persons, to take part in trials that BMS will be running. We are hoping to prove that with regular use of a wind instrument and music, that this can assist with controlled breathing.  The new instrument we will be using is the ‘Aero phone Go’ from the Roland music company, who are also backing this project. (Please see Roland music company website for more details reference the Aerophone Go).

If you think you could benefit from this programme, and you are a diagnosed asthmatic, we would like to hear from you.  We will show you how to control your breathing, which should improve your asthma attacks etc.

You will be loaned the Aerophone Go, whilst participating in the trials, along with a IPad to use alongside the instrument. The course is ‘free’ but there is a small charge for the loan of the instruments of £24.00 per calendar month for insurance cover.

This is a 6 months’ research programme with outcomes being recorded by a research team or doctor, then passed onto the NHS. Results should show that music can help with medical conditions such as asthma etc.

Please see our website for a recent Gazette article, which supports that controlled breathing can help, improve your health.

For more information, please call John Shaw, chairman on 07887 873309 or email, places are limited, so please contact us, as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to hearing from you!