Membership Fees.

We have all sessions running daytime and evenings during the week.

Our lessons are offered weekly in 30 minutes and hourly sessions.

Monthly Fees

A one month deposit is payable at time of booking. Fees are charged monthly by standing order, or by internet bank transfer.

Group lessons

Maximum of six students.

If only two students, session time will be reduced from 60 to 45 minutes.

One to one

30 minute session.

Home visit

30 minute session.

Please note that we offer an easy payment scheme.

All students receive 42 weeks tuition over a 12 month period.

Group sessions

£46 per month over 12 months.

One to one sessions

£52 per month over 12 months.

Home sessions

£64 per month over 12 months.

All payments are paid one month in advance by Standing Order, or by internet bank transfer, between the 1st and 11th of each calendar month.

Sessions are weekly, though during some school holidays and half terms, the academy will be closed, a list of term times are available from reception. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up to date with our term times.

We have various guitar and drum sessions running, please contact us for more information.

Membership fees are subject to change, and are reviewed on an annual basis.

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Student Rules and Regulations

Student exam success with ‘Rockschool’.

Rockschool’s graded music exams provide an opportunity for students to work towards accredited qualifications.  They assess progressive mastery on a musical instrument from Entry Level (Debut) up to Grade 8.  Through reinforcing knowledge across all sections of the exam, they help students consolidate their learning and develop their skills in a more stimulating and enjoyable way.

Our Terms and Conditions

The Academy has the right to reject any application without the need to give reasons.  Membership will be terminated for aggressive or inappropriate behaviour, bad language etc. towards members of staff, volunteers and other pupils.  No refunds will be given for the above.

Twenty Four hours’ notice – Must be given to those receiving one to one in house tuition or home visits.  All payments are to be one month in advance by Standing Order between the 1st &11th of a calendar month.  Cash payments not accepted unless prior arranged.

Reference to cancellation of Membership – One month’s paid notice to be given for any cancellation of membership and must be in writing.  No refunds will be returned after 1 month of cancellation, if you have failed to cancel your Standing Order.